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Whether you're a seasoned investor, or a rookie looking to get started in real estate syndications, you're invited to sign up to receive upcoming investment opportunities.  

Please fill out the brief form, and our team will follow up with a call.  You'll be added to our investor network for emails on upcoming deals and other important news.

Joining our investor network does not commit you to any action moving forward.  If you decide that you simply aren't interested, or you just aren't quite ready to invest, that is okay! 

Welcome to the BLVD.
Are you an accredited investor?

What is an accredited investor?

Generally, you are an accredited investor if any of the following are true: 

  • Annual Income greater than $200k (for last 2 years)

  • Joint household income greater than $300k (for last 2 years)

  • Net worth greater than $1M (excluding your primary residence)

Read the full SEC definition

How much are you looking to invest?

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