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BLVD Ventures Is Thankful For...

The BLVD Distribution November 24, 2023

We hope you were able to fully embrace the Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family. At BLVD we are thankful. Thankful to our investors, our staff, and our partners.

We Are Thankful For Our Investors

Formed during our initial fundraising in 2020, this group includes our closest friends, neighbors, and family, as well as individuals with whom we've formed connections—largely through Zoom. The trust that you’ve given us empowers us daily to be our best. It’s what led us to take on real estate investing as a full-time endeavor and has allowed us to build a dedicated team for more efficient and seamless execution.

We Are Thankful For Our Staff

In upcoming articles, we intend to offer more formal introductions to our team members. Our goal is to provide you with the chance to get to know these individuals and recognize the truly special qualities that they bring to the group.

We want to thank Matt May, our Director of Acquisitions—a former Marine with a sharp real estate mind. Matt has underwritten countless deals and shared the highs and lows of winning and losing deals with us.

We are thankful for Joel Friese who has allowed us to take over the property management of our assets and significantly enhanced their performance. His knowledge of apartment operations, organization, attention to detail, and ability to execute keeps us on track daily in our pursuit of excellence.

We are thankful for our maintenance staff and property managers who consistently set high standards in response time and work quality. We feel fortunate that they show up daily, serving our residents and contributing to the creation of affordable, comfortable apartment communities.

We Are Thankful For Our Deal Partners

Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to creating exceptional partnerships. We thank our CPA, SEC attorneys, accounting partners, and co-GPs for their invaluable contributions. Each of these groups has played a crucial role in presenting opportunities to our investors and supporting our current portfolio.

We Are Thankful For The BLVD Distribution and Its Readers

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We genuinely appreciate your engagement. We look forward to exploring the ever-changing landscape of multifamily real estate, sharing not only the stories of Blvd Ventures but also offering unique perspectives and firsthand experiences that we hope will enhance your real estate journey.

Lastly, we are thankful to our families.

To our families who have supported us along the way. Thank you for being there for us!


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