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Dan’s Journey Into Multifamily

Like my investors, I began my journey by investing passively in multifamily. Over time, I transitioned into capital raising and formed partnerships with other well-respected apartment owners. With more than 14 years of experience in the real estate industry, spanning both investments and brokerage, I've had the privilege of participating in hundreds of real estate transactions of varying sizes and complexities.

Before becoming a full-time investor and entrepreneur, I held roles where I managed multi-million-dollar sales territories in the medical device sector with Stryker Orthopedics and BioHorizons Implant Systems. My responsibilities involved selling hip and knee implants, and later, I ventured into the dental field, selling oral surgery devices. Prior to this, I worked in corporate risk management for United Health Group.

My driving forces are family and faith, and I'm genuinely passionate about assisting others in achieving not just financial independence but also the encompassing freedom it brings to one's life. This passion was ignited, in large part, by the devastating Alzheimer's diagnosis my mother received at the young age of 50. It served as a stark reminder that life is a precious gift, and circumstances can change in an instant. Consequently, I shifted my mindset from solely focusing on career advancement and increasing income to ensuring the long-term success of my family, and now investors, by creating passive income streams and building net worth.

Investing in the correct financial avenues can provide you with a level of control over your life that many unfortunately never experience. Whether your job’s annual income is $100,000 or $1,000,000, true financial independence may still escape you, and a significant life event could result in severe financial consequences. It's important to ask yourself; "If I were to lose my job tomorrow or face a major unexpected expense, do I have a sufficient income stream to support it?" Perhaps even more importantly; "If a family member were to receive devastating news, would I be in a position to provide them with financial and personal support?"

BLVD’s Focus & Philosophy

Our Company’s Philosophy is clear: to acquire value-add real estate in carefully selected markets, with conservative debt and effective management.

BLVD's aspirations reach far beyond the mere acquisition of real estate. We've established partnerships with a diverse group of over 100 investors, all of whom actively seek passive investment opportunities within the tax-advantageous and resilient multifamily asset class. Among our investors are dentists, surgeons, business owners, sales professionals, lawyers, and numerous accomplished individuals who remain dedicated to their primary careers. They are motivated by the desire to diversify their investment portfolios and seek reliable avenues for their financial growth.

Additionally, we aim to restore communities, ensuring tenants have access to safe, clean, and affordable housing. In this pursuit, we create opportunities for investors to join us in the journey toward long-term wealth by generating passive and tax-efficient income, preserving capital investments, and building equity through appreciation of the assets.

BLVD is committed to maintaining the nimbleness of a small enterprise, enabling us to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics. Our aim is to operate as a well-oiled machine, presenting 4-6 deals annually, or as market conditions allow. By maintaining a clearly defined size and scope, we can focus on our strengths: acquiring, operating, and efficiently managing our communities.

The BLVD Team

Dan Bonne & Justin Elliott - Co-Founders

Matt May - Director of Acquisitions

Joel Friese - Partner, BLVD Management

Additional Team Members - Our team includes several key individuals in roles like property management, contracting, underwriting, marketing, accounting, and more. While their contributions are significant and appreciated, we'll keep this article concise and anticipate sharing their stories in the future.

Want to learn more about BLVD Ventures, get our take on the current state of the market, and learn about how we’re adapting to current market conditions? Stay tuned, and feel free to share this information with anyone you believe would find it valuable.

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